Hudlow Axle Tank

Steve Hudlow's latest creation is a tank he dreamed of building since he was a kid. His dream started with an old set of tracks. He later bought that very set of tracks and began figuring out just how to built THE TANK! After years of research and focus he got out his welder, saved up parts, and added to his design. Most would simply sit and dream and never build. Over a few years that dream became a running, driving, show-stopping reality! Kids and adults from all different backgrounds can look at his creation and admire his technical abilities and dedication to making something so amazing work, and work well!

THE TANK is powered by a GM LS 6.0 V-8 gasoline engine, uses an automatic 4 speed 4L80E transmission, and is coupled to a completely custom Hudlow Axle drive system which uses differentials and a unique steering wheel to turn. With more than enough power it goes at least 60 mph and can wheel in the mud, sand, and over all kinds of obstacles. The only downside to offroading is the hours of cleaning, just like any rig. One thing that can never be washed off is the smiles he makes for others and his own from making his dreams come true. Check out the pictures and media below. As with the other Hudlow Axle builds, you can rent it for an event or as a crowd-pleaser for your guests. Contact Steve for more details.