Do you know anyone who has built their very own Monster Truck? Themselves...? Meet Steve Hudlow, the founder and owner of Hudlow Axle! Steve has done just about everything you can do in the off-road world including competing, building, and helping others enjoy and keep their rigs on the trail.

His dream to build one of the biggest trucks in the South, became reality after many hours of custom fabricating almost every part of the truck. His passion and creativity proved to come alive with each weld and custom part added. He created many parts you would never see anywhere else. It has rear-wheel steer, a Chevy 427 big block, custom transfer case, custom air suspension, and a body that is familiar to many. The huge wheels, awesome graphics, and utter ground shaking sound will surely catch your eye. He brings it to local car shows and you can even rent it for events to give people someting to see and remember. Feel free to reach out about what Steve and the MONSTER TRUCK can do for you! Check out the pictures and media for more.