Hudlow Axle sells low-cost used and only the highest quality available new axles manufactured by Yukon Gear and Axle. Yukon’s metallurgical processes and grades of steel are second to none! Their axles are perfectly engineered to resist extreme bending and twisting forces in high performance applications like drag racing, rock crawling, and pulling.

Important properties of axles are strength and hardness. A strong axle resists twisting forces and will use very high grades of steel. OEM axles use 1040 steel and are not made to handle heavy duty loads. Yukon’s OEM replacement axles use 1050 steel which has more carbon making it 18% stronger and 16% harder than 1040. For HIGH PERFORMANCE axle applications Yukon uses 1541H steel and delivers 20-25% more strength than 1040 without costing much more than the 1050 axles. For EXTREME HIGH PERFORMANCE use where twisting torque is important, Yukon uses 4140 or 4340 Chrome-Moly steel. 4140 CM is 27% stronger than 1040 while 4340 CM is 39% stronger than 1040.

Harness is related to a material’s resistance to deformation or penetration. Well-made axles from Yukon resist wear, bending, twisting, breakage, and deterioration because of their properly mixed steels and alloys. All Yukon Axles are tempered, normalized, and heat-treated in controlled processes. Their unique Case-Hardening process creates a hard surface layer (.100″ to .400″ deep) resulting in a strong, tough core that is not brittle. Every Yukon axle is manufactured under these very strict specifications and come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY against defects so call and order today!

Hudlow Axle can cut, spline, and drill any new or used axle to customer’s specifications. Custom length, diameter, spline count, and bolt patterns are all made to your specs. You can depend on our expertise to get the part you need! We also buy/sell used axles, custom or stock. Click on blue link for axle measuring info…


We sell complete new axle kits for nearly any differential housing. Kits include new: Yukon Axles, Bearings, Studs, and Seals. They can be drilled and splined to any specs.
Starting at $420.00 for both sides…


Hudlow Axle specializes in Ford 8.8″ rearend swaps for Jeeps! Replace that stock, ticking time-bomb with a bullet-proof, custom built housing with: Yukon Dura Grip Posi, Yukon Axles, Disc Brakes, and Custom Yukon Ring and Pinion Ratios.
Priced low at: $1000.00


Call the shop for a free quote, No job is too big or small!

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